Emergency Relief

Tender Heart is always ready to help in any kind of emergency, natural or man made. The risks of flooding, shortage of food through crop failure and medical emergencies are a common thing in India.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Tender Heart is committed to serve in this time of crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, life has been thrown off balance. In India, the near month-long lockdown is and will continue to be very challenging, socially and economically. It is especially difficult and most severe for the poor, the homeless, the migrants and the Dalits for whom life, even in normal times, was difficult. 

Many migrant labourers have been stranded in their places of work. no wages to buy food, and no shelter.

Between April and May in 2020 we were able to distribute essential groceries to over 2500 families living in the slums and living in rented houses, their income depends on daily work for daily wages which is impossible at this time and has left them without money to buy food. The essential provided will be sufficient for 10 to 15 days.

Flood-affected North Karnataka

August 2019, due to the heavy water discharge from state Maharashtra reservoir, the six North Karnataka districts were severely affected by the flood discharge. On 8th August, Karnataka received nearly five times the rainfall it normally used to have, adding to the severity of the ongoing floods in 6 districts that had killed 20 people. Thousands of people were evacuated to safer places and relief camps. More than 40,000 houses were damaged, while more than 2,000 villages were affected. There was extensive damage to the critical infrastructure such as roads, pipelines, tanks, schools, and electrical infrastructure. 

With financial support of friends, local churches and donations from oversees Tender Heart immediately stepped in the relief service and helped over 850 families with rations, blankets, mats, cooking pots, daily necessities and helping a small amount to rebuild the houses.


Here are the testimonies of two beneficiaries:

“Our lives have become useless after floods washed-off our sources of income and hopes of survival. I thank Tender Heart for timely help and providing shelter”

With tears in their eyes, the victim said that the flood has left them penniless devouring everything they had. People whom we helped are farmers who were expecting a good yield this year.

Sharadavva said that she and her family owns 12 acres of land and had 15 cattle.  We were richest family in the village “My cattle were my family and we tried everything to save them. But floods killed them in front of my eyes and I helplessly stood there watching them die in the water. They were like my children and I could not save them.”

“God taught me lesson in life because we had everything and I was illtreating others because of my providences. Now I stand in the same line to get relief things with the same people once whom I illtreated.”

All the victims shared similar stories to narrate with the flood destroying their properties and dashing their dreams. Thank you everyone for your financial help because of your timely donation we were able to reach out those people. 

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Every program that Tender Heart creates helps thousands of people in India and they depend on the generosity of supporters like you.