Stepping Stone: Tailoring Vocational Training

Stepping Stone, is an initiative that focuses on transforming the lives of women who are from very poor backgrounds. These women are either working as domestic maids or as home makers, are widows or are being marginalized by society.

These women are being trained for six months in tailoring and embroidery. In addition to this they are also trained in design, pattern cutting and sewing machine maintenance. We also teach them, health and hygiene, cooking, and personality development like managing personal finances.

This holistic input has improved their outlook on life and given them a better social living standard and economic empowerment.

Our vision is to give solid training in tailoring so that they can earn a livelihood and not lead marginalised lives. At present, we have four tailoring schools, one in Karnataka and three in Goa.

These centres provide training in making ladies and children’s clothes. The training takes six months to complete and when they have completed the course they have the knowledge, ability and equipment needed to start their own tailoring business.

We aim to keep in touch with those we have trained and see them established in providing for themselves.

Tailoring Centers locations

  • Tailoring center in Zhuharinagar. Vasco. (Goa)
  • Tailoring Center in Gandinagar. Vadsco. (Goa)
  • Tailoring Center in Shantingar (Goa)
  • Tailoring Center in Ghataprabha (Karnataka)

Future centers to open by early 2021

  • Tailoring Center in Gokak (Karnataka) by end of 2020
  • Tailoring in Margoa. (Goa) by early of 2021

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